Small Town, Big Change

Dale Williams is Mayor of Otorohanga and Chair of the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. A certified motorcycle engineer by trade, Dale has first-hand experience launching and growing successful motorcycle dealerships and training young people through apprenticeship programs. Passionate about helping young people achieve the best career outcomes for their personal circumstances, Dale is an advocate of non-academic vocational pathways, realising that not all young people are suited to tertiary education.

Isn’t it long past time in America, as it was in this New Zealand backwoods town, when we consider once again  working together for a common goal, the betterment of our children and our society in general?

We can’t blame our politicians, our schools or teachers, nor our employers for our society’s  problems.  But we must shoulder responsibility ourselves for having no answers that work, while continuing to seek them until they are found and firmly established in place.

It looks to this old bird like Mayor Williams programs could be adapted to our own local communities here.  If we are truly serious about solving local problems with local, home-grown and therefore custom tailored community based solutions.  As Otorohanga has proven in rural New Zealand, with a local population base of only 1.000 people you can work miracles when you work with the magic of community, not against it with greed and hidden political / business agendas.