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Pay Particular Attention


Pay Particular Attention from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.

Pay Particular Attention by Suzanne Birrell, performed by Cats With Class: Victor Arno on Drums; Suzanne Birrell on Bass & Vocals; James Liu on Clarinet & Sax; Julie Morgentaler on Vocals & percussion; George Woo on Keyboard. Video by Chuck Jones. Filmed on location @ The Los Angeles Battle of the Bands. They won!!!


Dogtown from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.

“Dogtown” in historic Venice Beach, CA is one of those places you visit for a hit of “California Culture” at it’s finest. Skateboarders the world over can thank the surfers of Venice Beach for inventing the sport. I took my Lumix GH3 with the Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH down to Dogtown late one afternoon for a location portrait. From photographer Chuck Jones on TheCameraForum.Com.

Occupy San Francisco

Occupy San Francisco

A Chuck Jones iPhoneFilm


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Pride In The Brand

Pride In The Brand

Love Bus Tour – The First Two Days

Event one, the beach ceremony for the castoff in San Francisco’s Ocean Beach district.

Event two, the Deep Green Festival in Richmond, CA


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Richmond, CA – Deep Green Festival

The magic got off to a roaring start Saturday, April 21, 2012 in Richmond, CA.  The Magic Love Bus took center outdoor stage at the 2nd annual earth day celebration of cannabis, health & ecology, Deep Green. The bus served as the music platform and outdoor sound system, spinning many a soulful rap from the guest DJ’s aboard.  Then as the day progressed into evening, the drumming began.
Deep Green explores the 7 Dimensions of Cannabis – Cultural, Creative, Medical, Nutritional, Industrial, Political and Spiritual – and this perspective is reflected in the event’s overall content.  More About The Festival – http://deepgreenfest.com
“The inaugural Deep Green Festival was held on April 23, 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The event opened up new perceptions of cannabis, with positive press coverage and inclusion in the Discovery Channel reality TV show, Weed Wars: Season 1, Episode 4, which debuted in December 2011. And the energy continues…. In 2012, the Deep Green production team, along with many collaborators and partners, is developing an even more compelling mix of educational attractions, inspiring speakers, high quality vendors, unique products, eco-solutions, great food, live music and DJs, visionary art, intelligent discourse, activism, dancing and FUN! Collectively, we are committed to bringing broader awareness and deeper understanding of cannabis and its true potential as a medical, nutritional and industrial resource.  Deep Green 2012 also included a separate Conference providing in depth panels, workshops and an exclusive VIP Industry Reception. ‘Festival Only Tickets’ offered complete access to the Deep Green Festival (noon-midnight), including festival attractions, public expo, speakers, and evening performances. Conference registration was available as an extra cost option.

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A special thanks to the good folks at Earthdance Global, LLC. who produce Deep Green for providing such an excellent venue, and for their kind permission for me to photograph it.


Ocean Beach – San Francisco, CA

One of the truly amazing things life brings us is the crossing of paths with kindred spirits.  Sometimes we share a path together – for awhile. Thus begins my journey with the cast and crew of The Magic Love Bus.  Their official website is here:  http://www.magiclovebus.org.  My goal here on TheMagicLoveBus.Com is documenting the saga of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey Across America.  This is Episode One of that story.
On Saturday, April 14th, friends of the Magic Love Bus and supporters of the LovEvolution came together to create an intimate and heart felt gathering on Ocean Beach in San Francisco to bless the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.  Reverend Woven Web (Laura Maples) shared the consented upon intention of the journey in declaring – “We support each other in our personal transformations, as we support the transformations we wish to see in the world.”  Reverend Woven Web then invited participants to come forward and share their deepest heartfelt intentions for personal and world transformation around the burning fire pit. Then all joined hands and hearts for a spiral dance, while singing:

“We are the rising Sun.

We are the Change.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

And We are Rising…”

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A very special thank you to Suzanne Birrell for putting music to the words as she chanted them.
At its heart, the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is what the participants consider to be “a shared journey of transformation. As our hearts grow and heal, the love we create will ripple out to touch others and create a Sea of change. That is our prayer and intention as we travel across America during the spring and summer of 2012.”

Special thanks to the Crew of the Magic Love Bus Journey for inviting me to participate in witnessing the story as it unfolds, and for their kind permission to photograph it. Thank you Patrick Hennessey (Kernel Love Joy), Scotty Miller (Captain Moon Dog), Laura Maples (Reverend Woven Web), Peri Pfenninger (Magic Love Fairie), Kashia Ted (Skipper Cruise Control), Joe Benham (Peace Driver), and Shima Moore (Divina Love Light).  Without all of you, there is no story to tell.  May the Universe bless your journey of love.


The Marshall Tucker Band Live

The Marshall Tucker Band


One of the hardest working professional entertainment bands, The Marshall Tucker Band pulled off another stunning performance before a live crowd of thousands at the Sausalito Art Festival 2007.  Known for their road shows around the country, this Southern kick ass dance band simmered with the kind of jam-band chemistry that made Marshall Tucker such a popular live act whose music still carries a potent Dixie-Fried kick even today wherever they play.