WXXM-Madison, WI, is the first terrestrial radio station to begin airing The National Marijuana News talk show — until now it’s only been available streaming. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, TNMNews believes it’s targeting a niche market in a rapidly growing sector. Todd Denkin, president/CEO of Digipath and The National Marijuana News Corporation, tells Radio Ink that he believes the show will open up new revenue streams and create opportunities in the cannabis space for eager advertisers. Listen to an exclusive Radio Ink interview with Todd Denkin and Executive Producer Martin Wagmaister, below.


Denkin says that although the push for affiliates has been received positively by programmers, there has been some hesitation from within the radio corporate structure. With WXXM-Madison as their first terrestrial affiliate, it’s possible stations that have been hesitant to air the show, might give TNMNNews a second look. WXXM-Madison is a progressive talk station in the IHeartMedia/Madison cluster.  Denkin also says that a second affiliate is set to be announced shortly.

While some might be hesitant to air TNMNews because of possible blow-back from their community and advertisers, others might see an opportunity for prospecting untapped potential new clients. Denkin notes that while some traditional advertisers have been cautious about sponsoring their programing, they do have a number of publicly traded companies spending ad dollars on TNMNews. Denkin remarks, “Major advertisers are still sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what the other guy will do, but they do understand the value of the audience.”  How about that, we are finally being considered an audience!  Can legalization be far behind?